Is making what makes you you? Do you bring heavy machinery and big plans?
The unique hybrid, loadbearing construction of the MAKERSTOREN can handle it.

Don’t let yourself be limited and set your urge to make free. Pull it all apart and put it back together again.

Experiment, innovate, learn, create. The inquisitive, the outsiders, the visionaries, the pioneers and the mavericks, professional makers from the creative industry experience freedom and find each other in this innovative and multi-disciplinary building.

The MAKERSTOREN houses self-producing designers from all corners of the industry, from 3D printer to ceramist, from high-tech to high craft. Made for the makers of the future.

Spread over this sustainable building, you will find 45 workspaces with maximum in height, width and light. These are designed to meet the diverse needs of different types of makers. Think big. You have the space.